From February 2019 to the end of 2021, I dived in Caffè Carraro as a Brand and Communications Manager. We began to study goals and the strategy to change the communication of over 30 years of story.

Founded in 1927, Caffè Carraro is one of the best Italian Coffee Roasters. Based in Schio and distribute over 50 country in, retail and vending channels.

rebranding and communication management

a new payoff
Better every day

We have been pursuing our passion since 1927. It spurs us on in our quest for perfect flavour every day. Even when we think that we have achieved it, we know that the next day we will be determined to reach ever greater heights. Our passion takes us to faraway lands in search of the most promising plantations and crops.

It keeps us enthralled when we are trying out fragrant aromas and blends. We have transformed our ambition into tireless research and our work into a mission: to take the very best coffee into your local cafés, favourite restaurants and household pantries. Along with our coffee, we have cultivated know-how that is built not only on family traditions but also on innovation, studies and experiments.

In the world of coffee, we are lucky enough to be able to count on exceptional experience, as well as expertise with solid roots that fuels our drive for excellence.
Coffee is part of an everyday ritual with a key social role. If it gets better every day, it will help to bring about improvements in our relationships, our desire to spend time together, and our appreciation of the good things in life.

Caffè Carraro: better every day.

Caffe Carraro needed to show its strengths: product quality and traditional family strength and we work in digital and traditional.

a new logo

a new Academy concept

The devotion that has been behind our quest for exceptional coffee since 1927 is now driving our efforts to share the know-how and techniques that bring to life the exquisite experience encapsulated in every cup. We would like
to be your guides as you discover the finest raw materials and all of the stages that lead to the preparation of the perfect espresso and the many other types of coffee. We would like to be a partner that grows with you, so that your success and our success are the same thing. We firmly believe that boundless curiosity and solid training – ably accompanied by a constant focus on the individual characteristics of our customers – is an unbeatable blend and the key to making outstanding coffee that gets better every day.

rebranding and communication management

Campaigns and New positioning

Brand Awareness with radio, press, cross-device skin, pre-roll, mpu, etc and social media campaigns.

The heart of the campaign is the brand’s storytelling, which has always talked about sustainability, the quality of the raw material and careful, sustainable and technologically advanced production, all elements that contribute to making Carraro 1927 coffee the ideal companion for home consumption as well as for that away from home.

Shoot in Minas Gerais, Brasil and Schio, Italy.

a new Packaging system


You can find all of the goodness of nature in our coffee. We are dedicated to preserving it for future generations.

Thanks fo your time.