Me and Marco dream Skylakes in 2014 and after two years we have organized the zero edition (2015). In the smallest country of Veneto, Laghi (Vicenza), was created a mountain running race immediately put inside La Sportiva Mountain Running Cup, one of the most important Italian race circuit.

From 2014 to 2019 we have welcomed more than 2.000 Athletes from all parts of Europe and Italy, 50 Partners and over 250 Volunteers and Staff.

Laghi (Vicenza) Italy

Skylakes Official video promo 2015

Skylakes 3h edition 2018

Skylakes miniTrail

miniTrail is a race in nature, it is outdoor, it is fun and take the right path to a healthy life.

Skylakes 2018 includes an event for children between the age of 7 and 12 years old, giving them a chance of seeing the start of the adult race, and then a chance to discover the beautiful little lakes and the town.

There will be food and beverage stands which will also educate them about healthy lifestyle as well as teach them ethics and respect for nature.

Skylakes Coaching

The project, conceived by ASD Skylakes, aims to raise awareness among enthusiasts in the issues of NutritionOsteopathy and Prevention and Athletic Training. Advanced athletes and newcomers have the opportunity to confront with a team of experts. The goal is not only to improve athletic performance in the race but to achieve a 360 ° psycho-physical well-being.

Skylakes & Team for Children Vicenza Onlus

In 4h edition 2019, Skylakes collaborated with “Team for Children Vicenza Onlus” an Association of volunteers operating within the San Bortolo Hospital in Vicenza.

In synergy with the health care staff, it offers children and their families a support, mainly emotional and emotional. It supports, even economically, families in difficulty and helps to provide children with an additional service by contributing to the purchase of medicines and electromedical tools for hospitals in Vicenza.

Skylakes donated a part of the entries of the 500 athletes in 4h 2019 edition.

Skylakes stops cause SARS.CoV.2

See you soon and thanks for your time